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Amsterdam: an excerpt

Bold Type features Enduring Love

  Last year Bold Type interviewed Ian McEwan on the publication of Enduring Love, the novel that was being described as one of the finest and most powerful novels of 1997. This year Bold Type presents an author whose new novel--a bold, brilliant and marvelously entertaining departure from everything he has written before--has just won him one of the world's most prestigious literary prizes.

Amsterdam opens at the funeral of Molly Lane. Clive Linley, Vernon Halliday, and Julian Garmony are all in attendance. All three were Molly's lovers long before, when they were ambitious young men and Molly was a gorgeous, vibrant woman who can hardly be associated with the Molly who had just, finally, succumbed to a debilitating illness. Clive and Vernon are old friends and eminent members of London's cultural elite, Clive as Britain's most successful modern composer and Vernon the editor of a major London newspaper; Julian has been equally successful as a right-wing politician squarely in line to become the next prime minister. In the aftermath of the funeral, the three of them become enmeshed--with varying degrees of unwillingness--in a surprising web of moral decisions that will make or break their careers and legacies. With this trio, McEwan has engineered a contemporary morality tale and a delicious satire that is perhaps the most purely enjoyable fiction he has ever produced, a treat of a novel that showcases his wisdom, his disarming wit, and his remarkable talent for keeping the reader quickly turning pages, desperate to find out why Amsterdam?

In this issue of Bold Type, we feature an interview with Ian McEwan and an excerpt from his Booker Prize-winning novel.

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