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Temperance Temperance, Stuart Isacoff
Why were people eager to destroy each other's instruments and reputations over it? Why did René Descartes, the reigning philosopher at the opening of the 17th century, argue heatedly over it, even though he admitted he was tone deaf? And why did the ancient Chinese sage Huai Nan Tzu in 122 BCE address it, even though Chinese music has no need at all for tempered intervals? Take a musical ride through centuries of provocative thought with Stuart Isacoff's Temperament.
My New Fighing Technique... My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable
David Rees's My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable makes clip art as eloquent as KRS-One. No idea what that means? Click hear to to have the Mad Genius himself explain.
The Ash Garden The Ash Garden, Dennis Bock
Dennis Bock's The Ash Garden depicts the aftermath of the bombing of Hiroshima on a human scale, following the lives of three characters with seemingly linked fates to the present day. The testimonial accounts of a Manhattan Project scientist, a young girl injured in Hiroshima, and an Austrian-Jewish refugee combine to offer the reader a unique, multi-layered perspective on one of the most important events of the 20th century.
Sacred Monsters, Sacred Masters Sacred Monsters, Sacred Masters, John Richardson
In Richardson's well-informed and witty new collection, 28 essays take readers behind the scenes of the mid-20th century art world, where scandal abounds.
The Ruined Map The Ruined Map, Kobo Abe
Kobe Abe's The Ruined Map is a masterful classic of literary noir set in the seedy backstreets of 1960s Tokyo. On the eve of its reissue, novelist Todd Shimoda testifies to the novel's influence and enduring mystery.
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