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michael schmidt   Lives of the Poets, Michael Schmidt's engrossing survey of English-speaking poets spans centuries of English verse. Here Schmidt discusses Allen Ginsberg's contribution to poetry in the context of William Blake and Walt Whitman. Read an excerpt from the book and an essay Michael Schmidt's Lives of the Poets.
adam gopnik   In Paris to the Moon, Adam Gopnik writes "When they die, Wilde wrote, all good Americans go to Paris. Some of us have always tried to get there early and beat the crowds." This Gopnik family idyll lasted five years and will surely stoke the ardent fires of many an American's dream to wake each day in the City of Light.
larissa macfarquhar   The New Gilded Age: The New Yorker Looks at the Culture of Affluence is a compilation of essays originally published in The New Yorker about the ega-, the meta-, and the monster-wealth of America 2000.
john updike   For over forty years, John Updike has impressed us with spare, yet wonderfully rich stories of characters we feel like we know. With his newest book, Licks of Love, Updike upholds this literary tradition with twelve stories and "Rabbit Remembered," a novella-length sequel to his quartet of novels about Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom. In this issue of Bold Type, read "How Was It, Really?" a story from this compelling collection.
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