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  This month's theme is America, an admittedly unconquerable topic for any magazine. We're focusing on that loci where the American experience and education intersect. This crossroads, a place of hope and fear, offers an interesting vantage point from which to observe society's accelerating changes. If the children are indeed the future, then a thoughtful look at this month's issue may provide a glimpse of what lies ahead.

The three featured authors this month are all current or former college professors. Leon Botstein is the president of Bard College, as well as conductor of the American Symphony Orchestra. For this month's issue of Bold Type, he writes about what he thinks the American college of the future should look like. June Jordan, who currently teaches at the University of Berkeley and directs the Poetry for People Project, debuts four new poems and four poems from her latest collection, Kissing God Goodbye. Melanie Thernstrom, who has taught at Harvard University, dissects the horrific murder/suicide that occurred a few years back at the venerable all-American institution and attempts to convey what it is like for immigrants to start over in America.

Check the Back of the Book section for naturalist Henry David Thoreau's plea for a better America, follow the eminent John Milton, blind and lost in the wilderness of the 17th-century New England forests, or read as poet Karen Murai finds the essence of Florida in less than a page. A recipe for reinvigorating the American college, a poem for Clarence Thomas' wife, and a grisly murder at the nation's premier university. What do they all have in common? Read this month's issue and make your own judgement.

Larry Weissman
Bold Type Editor