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author essay: The American College: The Next 50 Years

Jefferson's Children: an excerpt

  Leon Botstein, president of Bard College and music director of the American Symphony Orchestra, does not believe that our best days are behind us. He argues that America possesses a better, stronger culture than ever before, and though much work is required, our future appears bright.

In Jefferson's Children, Leon Botstein delivers a thought-provoking discourse on the promise of American culture, education, and democracy. He challenges citizens to avoid passivity by getting involved in revamping education and not settling for the status quo. His explores the links between home, family, and education, and argues that the American college has grown into a complacent institution.

In this issue of Bold Type, we offer an excerpt from Jefferson's Children that discusses the intellectual uniformity that is pervasive among institutions of higher learning, as well as a short essay by Leon Botstein on what these schools must do in the next fifty years if they are to once again become the vibrant center of a flourishing society.

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