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Edited by Robert Wilson, A Certain Somewhere is an evocative gift, or a must-have item for the home bookshelf. Why?, you may be wondering. Well, because, in reading this book, you embark upon an intimate journey to the best-loved places of some of America's greatest writers. In doing so, you become the virtual "house guest" of few of these writers—guided through their most significant places in extraordinary detail.

Read this book, ponder it, share it with your closest family and friends—and acknowledge our shared instinct to connect viscerally, on both an emotional and physical level, with our surroundings—and the people and memories that make them meaningful.

A Certain Somewhere will also inspire your mind and soul to seek out and identify that place, in your own life, that is most significant. And that—the ability to teach you something about yourself that you might not have consciously known—is the rarest, and most difficult thing of all, for a book to accomplish. A Certain Somewhere succeeds at it effortlessly.

—Allison Heiborn

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