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Bare, Elisabeth Eaves Bare, Elisabeth Eaves
In Bare: On Women, Dancing, Sex, and Power, former stripper Elisabeth Eaves describes her days and nights as an employee of Seattle's Lusty Lady peep show and ponders the social ramifications of the world's second-oldest profession.
A Certain Somewhere, Robert Wilson A Certain Somewhere, Robert Wilson
In this intricate, thoughtful, and insightful collection of essays, drawn from Preservation magazine's "Place" column, America's greatest writers describe the places that are most significant to them.
Bang Your Head, David Konow Bang Your Head, David Konow
Let's be honest now, literary mavens. Did you really prefer Orwell's 1984 to Van Halen's 1984? Would you really rather hang out with Alice Walker than Alice Cooper? Can you really read Tolkein without thinking of The Battle of Evermore? David Konow knows and savors the guilty pleasure that was and is heavy metal. Let him take you back to the days when you doodled the Judas Priest logo on your notebook during AP English.
Dancing on the Edge of the Roof, Sheila Williams Dancing on the Edge of the Roof, Sheila Williams
Not every book you read is a gourmet meal filled with complex characters, plot twists, and big words. Sometimes a story can just be a satisfying, weekend read that makes you feel good when you're done. Sheila Williams has served up a nice dish with this novel, a real comfy eggs-and-bacon-style peek into someone else's life.
If Not, Winter If Not, Winter
Fragments of poetry translated from the ancient Greek of Sappho have had an enormous influence on American poetry in the last century, from H.D. to Jorie Graham. Anne Carson's new translation of these fragments offers readers another look at one of the earliest poets to have survived to the present day as well as the origins of the lyric poem.
Short Story Contest Short Story Contest
Calling all writers: the fourth annual Bold Type Short Story contest is here, and we eagerly await your literary offerings. Ready to take the bait? Dive in for more details.
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