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Balthus Nicholas Fox Weber

Nicholas Fox Weber has gone within and beyond the paintings in his search for the true story of Balthazar Klossowski, le Comte de Rola. He has deciphered a life that spans the century, while alighting on fascinating figures such as Rilke, Gide, Bonnard, Artaud, Miró, Derain, Giacommetti and Picasso but no one more intriguing than Balthus himself, H.M., The King of Cats.
Thumbsucker Walter Kirn

Walter Kirn's Thumbsucker is the engaging and uproarious tale of Justin Cobb, an orally-fixated fourteen-year-old, and his painful passage through adolescence. Kirn succeeds brilliantly in taking the familiar coming-of-age genre and deftly making it new again.
A Boy in Winter Maxine Chernoff

A Boy in Winter is a poignant novel about tragedy and its aftermath. Read an excerpt from the book and sit in on a conversation with its author, Maxine Chernoff.
Losing Nelson Barry Unsworth

Every book by Booker Prize-winner Barry Unsworth is different from the last. His latest, Losing Nelson, is the story of a fetishistic amateur historian who reaches a point of crisis in his research: one that threatens his sanity, even as he takes his first steps towards a fuller life.
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