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  Patti Smith, one of rock's most influential musicians, has collected all of her lyrics along with nearly 150 photographs and text drawn her from her extensive journals inPatti Smith Complete. "Her influence today is undeniable," said Michael Stipe of REM, "There' s not anybody I know in a band anywhere who not revere the records that she put out. There was a rawness and energy to Horses that I had not heard in any other music. From then on, my life was changed."

This book represents the extraordinary range of emotion, of passion, political and personal, that are encompassed in Smith's first seven albums: Horses, Radio Ethiopia, Easter, Wave, Dream of Life, Gone Again,and Peace and Noise. Complete, charts the journey of a poet and musician whose words have influenced a generation. "I was privileged to evolve during an inspired period of spiritual and cultural revolution" writes Smith, "And the music was a revolution where all had a voice and through this voice we united...Perhaps I have been none but a scappy pawn, but I am nonetheless grateful for the moves I came to make. And I salute all who helped me make them."

In this issue of Bold Type you'll find lyrics from Patti Smith Complete and an author scrapbook of rare photos.

Also, check out Patti Smith's Web Site on Arista Records. Click here.

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