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Evening: an excerpt

  Love at first sight: you've heard the stories, maybe you've even experienced the rush and excitement of it. It is one of those rare, life-altering experiences that is difficult to express adequately. That Susan Minot can capture it so flawlessly in Evening is clear evidence of her ability to strike at powerful emotional truths. That she can do so through the lens of a woman on her deathbed looking back forty years to the lost love of her life is proof of Minot's incredible talent.

The protagonist of Evening is dying of cancer. She lies in her last bed, surrounded by her grown children who believe that morphine has swept clean their mother's mind and memories. They speak about her as though she's not in the room, and in a way she's not. Ann Grant Lord is taking a journed back through her life to a weekend forty years before, when at the age of twenty-five, she met and fell in love with Harris Arden at the wedding of her best friend on an island in Maine. As her children wait and tend to her, Ann remembers minutely the details of those three days, a time which emerges as being the high point of her life. The flood of memories is punctuated by imagined conversations with her lost love, Harris. Blurring the lines between past and present, reality and fantasy, Minot brilliantly envisions and recreates the feeling of slipping away, and moving toward a remarkable and uplifting end of life.

In this issue of Bold Type you'll find an interview with Susan Minot and an excerpt from Evening.

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