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Mister Satan and Adam perform


Mister Satan's Apprentice: an excerpt

  Adam Gussow, shattered by failed love at twenty-seven, dedicated himself to blues music in an act of creative desperation. When his first mentor, Nat Riddles, was nearly murdered and fled from New York, Gussow apprenticed himself to the legendary local musician Mister Satan, a guitarist, percussionist, soapbox preacher and environmental philosopher. Adam and Mister Satan defied cultural and generational divides to become fellow street musicians, fixtures on the Harlem blues scene, and eventually, an acclaimed performing duo.

In this issue of Bold Type you'll find an audio performance of Mister Satan and Adam's song "I Want You," a scrapbook from the author highlighting moments from his life as a blues musician in Harlem, and an excerpt from his memoir Mister Satan's Apprentice.

Bold Type
  Photo of Adam Gussow copyright © Danny Clinch

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