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mister satan's apprentice adam gussow

Mister Satan's Apprentice is the raw, heartfelt memoir of an unlikely collaboration between an earnest young harmonica player and a charismatic, streetwise Harlem musician. It is at once the story of Adam Gussow's coming of age, and an account of the vicissitudes and tenacity of a friendship realized through a shared love of the blues.
the revisionist helen schulman

Part love story, part black comedy, part family tragedy, Helen Schulman's novel The Revisionist is a deft exploration of the frightening world of Holocaust denial. It is also the story of one man's intimate denial of the lies his own life is based upon.
the life of thomas more peter ackroyd

Thomas More was a renowned statesman, the author of a political fantasy that gave birth to a literary genre (Utopia), the second most powerful man in England after the king, and, finally, a Catholic martyr and saint. With a novelist's mastery of suspense and a historian's sensitivity to the conflicts of the age, Peter Ackroyd has written a complex drama about a man of whose mastery of legal argument was matched only by his moral courage.
patti smith complete patti smith

From her legendary album Horses to her most recent work, Peace and Noise, Patti Smith Complete charts the lyrical journey of a poet and musician whose words have influenced a generation. Patti Smith shares her lyrics, mementos and hundreds of photographs from a career of nearly three decades.
lolita vladimir nabokov

With the success of his controversial novel Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov joined such figures as Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett in the pantheon of writers who have proven themselves as masters of style in two different languages. Lolita has recently been rendered as a motion picture, starring Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain; it also weighed in at #4 on Modern Library's Top 100 novels of the century. It is time to return our attention to this modern masterpiece.
evening susan minot

With two novels and one short story collection published to great critical acclaim, Susan Minot is emerging as a writer of miraculous vision and scrupulous style. Her new novel Evening follows the final thoughts of a woman confined to her deathbed, her delirious recollection of a love affair long past.
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