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  photos from Pitcairn Island  
Tedside   Tedside

On the northwest side of the island.
Bounty Bay

On the northeast coast of Pitcairn, where the HMS Bounty made landfall. Viewed from a cliff called the Edge.
  Bounty Bay
Dea climbing ship's ladder   Dea climbing Jacob's Ladder from Tub, one of the Pitcairners' boats.  
Fishing for nanwe

Dennis and Terry, with more fishers on the rocks out to sea.
  fishing for nanwe  
Down Rope   Down Rope

On the southeast side of the island. Terry Christian is sitting under the padanus tree.
Pitcairn Island from a distance.

  Pitcairn from a distance  
Ben and Irma Christian's house   Ben and Irma Christian's house  
The Landing and the boat sheds   landing and boat sheds  
post office   Jay Warren and Olive Christian in the Post Office  
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