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author essay: The Prying Pen

Serpent in Paradise: an excerpt

author scrapbook: photo collage of Pitcairn Island

  Pitcairn Island is the stuff of legends. A remote island in the South Pacific, Pitcairn is home to 38 descendants of the infamous mutineers of the HMS Bounty. Rarely visited by outsiders, the islanders form a tight-knit community projecting an Edenic image that has made the island a much-sought-after destination among paradise-seekers. Receiving a landing permit, however, is no easy task, as author Dea Birkett discovered. After a two-year application process cum crusade, she finally received permission to visit Pitcairn.

Serpent in Paradise records her experiences living among the islanders, and her discovery that there is a darker side to life on Pitcairn: in such a tiny community, individuality is subordinated to the common good, privacy is nil, and small disputes and slights can take on grand proportions.

In this month's Bold Type, you'll find an excerpt from Serpent in Paradise, an essay on the inherent nosiness of travel writing, and a scrapbook of photographs taken by Birkett on Pitcairn.

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