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half a life jill ciment

Memoirs of familial dysfuntion are a dime a dozen today, but Jill Ciment's moving and life-affirming tale of a fatherless childhood stands out for its humor and charm. Beautifully written and thoroughly entertaining, Half a Life is filled with wit, candor and compassion.
serpent in paradise dea birkett

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to a South Sea paradise? Serpent in Paradise is Dea Birkett's tale of her visit to remote Pitcairn Island, home to 38 descendants of the famed mutineers of the HMS Bounty. Not everything, however, is as it seems on this tiny island with no crime and a deeply ingrained communal ethic.
notes from an incomplete revolution meredith maran

Meredith Maran's powerful memoir, Notes from an Incomplete Revolution, is an inspiring paen to the American woman. With a candid and refreshing voice, Maran looks at the issues facing women today, and reveals just how far women have come since the women's movement began thirty years ago.
pink gus van sant

Renowned film director Gus Van Sant's first foray into fiction is an explosively visual and highly inventive novel. Using every means the printed page has to offer--different typefaces, footnotes, drawings, and even a flip cartoon--Pink marks the debut of an exciting new voice in fiction.
anchor essay anchor essay 1997

The Anchor Essay Annual, edited by renowned essayist Phillip Lopate, is being published this year for the first time and coincides with the revival of this form of nonfiction prose. Spanning a wide spectrum of subjects and possessing profound humor and insight, this collection is the literary equivalent of a tasting menu at a fine restaraunt.
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