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Isn't it funny how you hear about something, like a book with a title you're not bound to forget (The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club), and you're not exactly sure who told you about it first, but then suddenly three or four of your friends mention it to you, and of course that makes you rush out and buy it, read it, love it and suddenly you're out there telling people about it too? Well, that was my experience with Laurie Notaro's hilarious laugh-out-loud book (The Idiots Girls' Action-Adventure Club, duh.) And obviously I'm not the only one this happened to as her first book, a collection of autobiographical essays (do I need to repeat the title again?), hit the paperback New York Times bestseller list by strictly "word of mouth" buzz.

When trying to figure out what makes Notaro's book so refreshing, well besides her razor sharp wit and brutally honest look at herself and the world around her, I decided to check out her reviews on The common theme running through her most positive reviews (and there were a lot of them) was the idea of "finally, a book about a woman like me"...meaning it was nice to read about a woman who was not a perfect size 4 beauty queen who whines about not being married, while working in her high powered job, and fighting off suitors left and right. No, Notaro is nothing like that and more power to her, because neither is 95% of the population. Sure we want fantasy on TV and in the movies, (okay, in our magazines too), but when it comes to humor-please give us someone who shares some of our own neuroses, problems and issues. Notaro proves to us that if you look hard enough (and learn to not take yourself too seriously) then there is laughter to be found in just about every situation (like the time she got mistaken for a homeless person when she went to jury duty.)

The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club gives us a peek of the funny underbelly of the author's crazy family (which we can all relate too), zits, the horror of highschool reunions, screwing up at work, why she despises clowns, and the drunken episodes that she'd rather forget. We've all been there; we've all done it; now it's time to have a good laugh about it.

Jenny Lee

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