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Look at Me Look at Me
Jennifer Egan's new novel Look at Me is an engaging and insightful critique of America's shallow and pervasive image culture that has already proved shockingly prescient, having managed to anticipate several major media moments even before its publication, and a major, much more serious cultural one in the week of its publication.
The Bold Type Short Story Contest The Bold Type Short Story Contest
Bold Type is looking for talented story writers like you. Share a top-quality short story with us and we'll do our best to make you famous.
The Right Hand of Sleep The Right Hand of Sleep
The Right Hand of Sleep is John Wray's sparse, unsentimental account of life in a small village in interwar Austria. The novel suggests questions of moral ambiguity and the power of ideology, which Wray attempted to address in a recent conversation with Bold Type.
Life Turns Man Up and Down Life Turns Man Up and Down
Life Turns a Man Upside Down collects a unique form of out-of-print English-language literature -- 1960s Market Literature from Nigeria -- resuscitating a remarkable form of prose known as Mad English, and culminating in a distinct triumph of book design.
Voice of the Poet Voice of the Poet
Random House's Voice of the Poet series adds a fresh collection of recordings to its roster, including Edna St. Vincent Millay, Gertrude Stein, Muriel Rukeyser, H.D., and Louise Bogan.
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