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Gore Vidal The Golden Age
Our ruling class has its own private history. In Gore Vidal's The Golden Age we have the pleasure of access to this secret history, as well as to the opinions and wit of its major figures.
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier + Clay Michael Chabon
In The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, Michael Chabon creates a world inhabited by comic book and real-life heroes, set against a backdrop of World War II and an ever-changing America.
Steichen's Legacy Joanna Steichen
Steichen's Legacy contains 315 photographic plates printed in deeply saturated color and black & white organized by themes such as Powerful People, Writers, and Flowers to reveal the consistent and masterful Steichen signature from the late 19th Century through the early 1970s. Joanna Steichen, the photographer's third wife who has written the revelatory accompanying text, selected the photos from a vast collection.
The Voice of the Poet: W.H. Auden The Voice of the Poet
W.H. Auden's character, his charisma and intellect, always came through in his poems. In these recordings from The Voice of the Poet series, the soul of the poems and the heart of the man are brought out with warmth and verve.
Short Story Contes Short Story Contes
Bold Type is looking for talented story writers like you. (This year, it's all about bicycles.)
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