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Tomcat in Love: an excerpt


  Tim O'Brien, renowned for his award-winning Vietnam War fiction, turns his gaze upon a different war in his new novel: the war of the sexes. The results are at once hilarious and touchingly sad. The narrator of Tomcat in Love is Thomas Chippering, a deluded, self-justifying, egomaniacal womanizer who refuses to move on with his life after his wife leaves him. Instead, he embarks upon a journey of revenge while simultaneously trying to bed every woman he meets. Mr. Chippering reveals the extent of his dementia at one point by saying, "There can be little on this earth more fundamentally satisfying than a piece of intelligently conceived, impeccably executed vengeance." Despite the incessant humor of the book, it is a serious novel that examines the lengths we will go to in the pursuit of love.

Brilliantly inventive and wildly funny, Tomcat in Love is one of the most exciting books you'll read this year. In this issue of Bold Type you'll find an interview with Tim O'Brien, an excerpt from the novel, and an exclusive reading by the author.

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