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tomcat in love tim o'brien

National Book Award-winning author Tim O'Brien returns with Tomcat in Love, a daring and hilarious novel unlike anything he has written before. Thomas Chippering, professor of linguistics and self-deluded serial womanizer, embarks upon a bender of revenge and lechery after his wife leaves him. The result is a side-splitting look at the things people do to win and keep love.
o. henry prize stories 98 o. henry prize stories 98

The year's best short stories have been compiled in Prize Stories 1998: The O. Henry Awards. This year's judges were Andrea Barrett, Mary Gaitskill, and Rick Moody. Our feature includes a short story, an essay by the series editor, a complete listing of the winners, and a list of the magazines consulted--over two hundred and forty in all--that serves as a fantastic resource for writers seeking to submit their own stories and readers enraptured by the short story form.
the anatomist federico andahazi

The eponymous hero of Federico Andahazi's novel The Anatomist is a true Renaissance man, committed to the attainment of knowledge and scientific truth. His greatest discovery--he is the first man to describe the existence of the clitoris--threatens to shake the very foundations of society.
the fisherman's son michael koepf

Michael Köepf's first novel, The Fisherman's Son, is at once an intimate story of a troubled family and an evocative memorial to the fast-disappearing world of commercial fishermen. It is the story of a man drifting on a life raft after a horrifying shipwreck, and of the vivid memories which give him solace as his emergency rations run out.
the last avant-garde david lehman

David Lehman's inspiring history of the New York School poets, and the artists who traveled in their circles, conveys all of the excitement that surrounded the fermenting arts scene of New York City in the early 1950s. More than simply recounting the details of how four friends--John Ashbery, Frank O'Hara, Kenneth Koch, and James Schuyler--revolutionized poetry and helped turn New York into the cultural capital of the world, Lehman explores the dynamics of creativity.
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