book cover   first prize
Mary Gordon
"City Life"

second prize
George Saunders
"The Falls"

third prize
Lee K. Abbott
"The Talk Talked Between Worms"

magazine prize

John Barth
"On with the Story"

Alice Munro
"The Love of a Good Woman"

Carolyn Cooke
"The Twa Corbies"

Arthur Bradford

Andre Dubus
"Dancing After Hours"

Matthew Klam
"The Royal Palms"

Kiana Davenport
"The Lipstick Tree"

Ian MacMillian
"The Red House"

Mary Gaitskill

Robert Morgan
"The Balm of Gilead Tree"

Thomas Glave
"The Final Inning"

Deborah Eisenberg

Susan Fromberg Schaeffer
"The Old Farmhouse and the Dog-Wife"

Carol Shields

Patricia Elam Ruff
"The Taxi Ride"

Christine Schutt
"His Chorus"

Rick Moody
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