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author essay: Learning to Listen to the Land

Into the Forest: an excerpt

Into the Forest: an audio excerpt

  Imagine what your life would be like if the resources that drive the modern world one day vanished. From the very first page of Into the Forest the reader is captivated by Jean Hegland's post-apocalyptic tale of a world that has literally run out of gas. Left to forage through the forest surrounding their isolated rural home, two teenage sisters discover the land upon which they dwell as they struggle to redefine their lives in the wake of tremendous change and crisis. Eva and Nell's incredible journey of discovery, insight and awakening is told in writing that is assured and precise, lyrical and incisive.

Hegland challenges the reader to think about his or her own relationship with nature and forces us to confront our reliance upon, and abuses of, the comforts of 20th century life. Into the Forest is an inspirational tale of survival. It is a book that readers will press into the hands of friends and demand that they read it.

In this issue of Bold Type, you'll find an original essay about the author's own discovery of the Northern California land which became her adopted home, an excerpt of the novel, and an audio excerpt .

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