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into the forest jean hegland

What would you do if you woke up one day to find the world's oil supplies had vanished, electricity ceased to flow into your home, and the supermarket shelves were suddenly bare? Into the Forest is the story of two teenage sisters in the remote forests of Northern California and their struggle to cope with the aftermath of this terrifying scenario. Like Margaret Atwood's chilling vision of the near future in The Handmaid's Tale, Jean Hegland has crafted a novel that is utterly compelling, altogether convincing, and impossible to forget.
in the wilderness kim barnes

The wilderness in Kim Barnes' touching memoir, In the Wilderness, is both physical and spiritual. Growing up in the woods of Idaho, Barnes experienced both the isolation of living in a remote country, and of a deep divide stemming from her family's turn to Christian fundamentalism.
flesh wounds mick cochrane

Flesh Wounds by first-time novelist Mick Cochrane is the type of book that burrows its way under your skin and refuses to leave. The story of a Midwestern family and their attempts to come to terms with the patriarch's sexual abuse of his granddaughter, it is achingly real and almost unbearably honest. Like Ordinary People, or the works of Jane Hamilton, Flesh Wounds manages to unearth the secrets of the familial labyrinth, and in the process, Cochrane creates a gripping and vivid tale of one family's struggle to survive.
o. henry awards o. henry awards

The 1997 edition of this collection of the year's best short stories will be released in two weeks, but you can be the first to find out who the winners are, and sample some of their work, in this issue of Bold Type. You'll also find an extensive listing of literary magazines, complete with links to their Web sites, an essay by the series editor, and short stories by Carol Shields, Christine Schutt, and Alice Elliot Dark.
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