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One Memorial Day weekend, Carrie Bell, the heroine of Ann Packer's gripping novel The Dive From Clausen's Pier, found herself not only at the beginning of another hot summer, but also at the beginning of an intensely emotional journey that would change her life forever.

Every summer for as long as Carrie could remember she and Mike, her high school sweetheart boyfriend (and now fiancée), along with their best friends would head to Clausen's pier for a day of picnicking and swimming. But this summer everything changed in the brief moment when Mike dove in without knowing that the water level in the reservoir was unfit for diving, and tragically ended up in a coma and finally in a wheel chair with no use of his body below his neck.

Packer brilliantly explores the idea of "choice" when it comes to one's fate in life, as Carrie finds herself making choices that surprise even herself, and also puts her at odds with all the people she loved most in her life. Carrie's choices eventually take her out of her hometown of Madison, Wisconsin and into the arms of a new lover who happens to live in New York City.

The Dive From Clausen's Pier remains firmly ensconsed on bestseller lists and is most definitely the subject of a good many heated debates in local book clubs across the company. Readers are no doubt finding themselves enthralled with the Carrie's story, but are also finding themselves pondering what they themselves would have done if they were in a similar situation.

Bold Type had the pleasure of sitting down with Ann Packer while she was in New York City in the middle of her national book tour to hear where she was when she got the call about her book being selected for Good Morning America's new book club, where she got her inspiration for the book, and her advice to aspiring writers.

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