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Panel 1: [Caption] IF YOU HAVEN'T READ A COMIC BOOK SINCE YOU WERE ELEVEN THEN YOU HAVE A LOT OF CATCHING UP TO DO. [Image] Close up of a 28 year-old girl with crooked bangs, pleading black eyes, extended arm clutching a copy of David Boring, and mouth caught open at the exclamation point of [Dialogue bubble] "Daniel Clowes has designed a story as impressive and stylish as the new Mini Cooper!" [Image detail] In the background between her head and the book, there is a fully loaded, chili-red Mini with silver run-flat tires and chrome line bumpers.

Panel 2: [Caption] DAVID BORING IS A GRAPHIC NOVEL THAT FUSES FUNCTION (TO TELL A STORY WELL) AND FORM (THE SKILLED ARTISTRY OF THE HAND DRAWN PICTURE), RESULTING IN A COMPLETELY POLISHED CREATION. [Image] Over the shoulder glimpse of girl with open book in her hands, gazing at the second and third page. The top panel includes a medium shot of David. [Thought bubble] "...sigh..."

Panel 3: [Image] Close up detail of top panel, zoomed in on David. He stands street-side, rendered in moonlight, wearing a vertically striped shirt and plain jacket. His hair is tossed loosely over his forehead, slightly parted on the left with individual pieces detailed using varying lineweight. There is a striking use of contrast and negative space, and the composition of each panel is expertly designed. [Dialogue bubble coming from top of panel] "Technically and subjectively, this series works well because of the painstaking attention to detail. I especially dig the use of the words 'eponymous,' 'romantic,' and 'repulsive pervert' all on the same page."

Panel 4: [Image] A microscopic view of girl's head, she is just a tiny * in the lower left hand corner, in order to leave space for an enormous [Dialogue bubble] "If you weren't an avid Eightball fan or missed the hardcover when it was first released, then I urge you to pore over the paperback edition...NOW. The quality of the drawings is reason enough to make it a valuable piece in any art collection. But when you consider the story (a complex dish of love and loss seasoned by a tasty cast of characters) that accompanies it you will wonder, 'How does something like this exist?' It is obvious that it took a meeelleeeeon hours of sketching, planning, drawing, inking, writing, revising, and imagination. The ingenuity of the human who did this is astounding. And to think it is just one example of Daniel Clowes' work, whereas I can barely eek out an article of 600 words in two weeks!"

Panel 5: Completely black panel with centered, white text [Caption] A RESPECTFUL PAUSE FOR REFLECTION.

[Gutter] Sound byte of drum roll...

Panel 6: [Caption] HERE ARE THE TOP 3 REASONS TO READ DAVID BORING FOR YOURSELF: 1. BOLD TYPE WANTS YOU TO "BE SUBVERSIVE." AND THIS NOVEL IS DEFINITELY THAT. [Image] Screenshot from "here's what we're all about" Issue 1, March '97 of Bold Type.

Panel 7: [Caption] 2. "SEX AND CREATIVITY ARE OFTEN SEEN BY DICTATORS AS SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES." (ERICA JONG) [Image] Thumbnail of Page 26 in David Boring.

Panel 8: [Caption] 3. ONE PANEL WILL CONVEY MORE THAN ALL OF MY WORDS...NO MATTER HOW I TRY TO CAPTURE THE VISUAL STYLE, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO THE BOOK JUSTICE. SEE IT FOR YOURSELF...TRUST ME. [Image] Close up view of girl's face. She is sincere and unapologetic as she stares you directly in the eyes. Her mouth hints at a smile, but she fears exposing her dimple (which tends to detract from her credibility as a serious person). [Thought balloon] "You will read this novel. You should read this novel. It is good for you. Repeat after me, 'You will read...'"


—Mo Wu

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  Photo credit: Dan Clowes

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