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Prize Stories 2002 Prize Stories 2002
Bold Type proudly presents the 2002 O. Henry Awards, judged this year by Joyce Carol Oates, Dave Eggers and Colson Whitehead. Read Kevin Brockmeier's First Prize story "The Ceiling" along with "March 15, 1997", an exclusive story that previews Brockmeier's first novel, as well as "Charity" by Richard Ford. Listen to Anthony Doerr, Deborah Eisenberg and David Gates read from their superb stories with grace and humor. Also included in this feature is a full list of winners since 1919 and an index of literary magazines that publish original fiction.
Interesting Women Interesting Women
The New York Times Book Review heralded Interesting Women as Sex and the City for the international set. We asked author Andrea Lee if the critics were right, and discovered that the "interesting women" of her appropriately titled story collection run a close race to their creator.
Short Story Contest Short Story Contest
Calling all writers: the fourth annual Bold Type Short Story contest is here, and we eagerly await your literary offerings. Ready to take the bait? Dive in for more details.
When the Emperor was Divine When the Emperor was Divine
In a debut novel of elegantly spare prose, author Julie Otsuka evokes with devastating compassion one of the most appalling periods in American history: the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.
For the Sins of My Father For the Sins of My Father
The story of the American mobster has been told many times in many different ways but Al Demeo's autobiography, For the Sins of My Father, chronicles the heartbreak and loneliness that begins where most gangster epics end.
Lullaby Lullaby
You know him best for Fight Club and Choke. And now, cult favorite Chuck Palahniuk is back with a new novel, Lullaby. You're probably now thinking, Yippee! (or something like that). And well you should. But you should also know how — and why — Palahniuk came to write this specific book. Because that's the real story here.
David Boring David Boring
If you asked a comic book, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" it might reply, "a Daniel Clowes graphic novel." The artwork is sexy. The dialogue is honest. There are no talking animals.
Hold the Enlightenment Hold the Enlightenment
With Hold the Enlightenment, Tim Cahill guides his readers on a witty and perceptive global adventure tour of places and things they'll probably never experience themselves. Whether enduring a drunken snake banquet in Beijing or plunging deep into the Australian night in search of a nocturnal platypus, Cahill confirms his status as the great godfather of literary misadventure.
Dive Off Clausen's Pier Dive Off Clausen's Pier
In one moment at the beginning of a seemingly ordinary summer, Carrie Bell, the heroine of Ann Packer's The Dive From Clausen's Pier, finds her entire life changed after her fiancee's tragic accident. Suddenly Carrie must make some tough decisions that surprise everyone including herself.
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