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orhan pamuk   My Name is Red is the fourth novel by Orhan Pamuk to reach these shores in translation from the original Turkish and by far the most fortunately translated into English. Red is a murder mystery, a love story, and an extraordinary examination of the borderlines of Eastern and Western culture via art and religion. The narration occurs in 17 voices including that of a corpse, a coin and the color crimson. Pamuk's themes of art, religion, love, family, and state are dazzlingly rendered in this serious novel rich with humor, humanity and historical detail.
kendall taylor   Distinguished F. Scott Fitzgerald scholar Matthew J. Bruccoli once expressed disgust for the "Pop Fitz" phenomenon, the enduring fascination with the mythical legend of the Jazz Age icon rather than the great, gifted career of the serious author. "It detracts from what's important," he remarked. "And what's important is little black marks on pieces of paper." Yet he concedes, albeit with some reluctance, that the legend often leads to interest in the little black marks.

Overshadowed by the sparkling glamour of Pop Fitz, the work of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald has endured a similar, if delayed, fate. A baroque prose writer, a talented painter, and a would-be dancer, Zelda persistently found her attempts to gain respect as a serious artist stifled by her public persona as wife to Scott Fitzgerald. After her tragic death in a 1948 hospital fire, the romantic, star-crossed myth of the Fitzgeralds seemed complete. Glimpsed through the chiaroscuro lens of their joint celebrity, Zelda figured both as the tale's iconic muse and as its destructive madwoman in the attic. With little room left by these incarnations for reflection on her multifaceted career, Zelda the artist languished in the wake of her husband's rediscovery and of her own pop culture reputation. Yet with the republication of her writings and the synchronous explosion of feminist theory in the sixties and seventies, literary critics began to reconsider the reckless and beautiful Zelda as an independent feminist artist. With Sometimes Madness is Wisdom, Kendall Taylor contributes to these studies of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald as artist and woman with her portrait of this famous literary marriage.
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