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A Certain Age Tama Janowitz

When a woman reaches a certain age and she's still single, her peers see her as "suspect, desperate or damaged." That's the premise of Tama Janowitz's new novel A Certain Age, in which the author turns her savage wit on wealthy Manhattan men and the women who chase them.
The Odd Sea Frederick Reiken

What happened to Ethan Shumway? The misunderstood young prodigy walked down the driveway one day and vanished without a trace. Frederick Reiken explores the effects of Ethan's disappearance in his debut book, The Odd Sea.
One Hundred and One Ways Mako Yoshikawa

Mako Yoshikawa's One Hundred and One Ways introduces an exciting new voice in contemporary fiction. Her debut novel merges stories of three generations of women--from Columbia student Kiki Takehashi, haunted by the ghost of a past love, to a legendary geisha named Yukiko. Read an excerpt and an interview with Yoshikawa, herself a Columbia grad and great granddaughter of a geisha.
A Unit of Water, A Unit of Time Douglas Whynott

Joel White, son of Charlotte's Web scribe E.B. White, was a master craftsman who built and designed boats. Douglas Whynott's A Unit of Water, A Unit of Time is a touching tribute to White's life, work and influence. Read an excerpt and an essay by the author.
Saints and Villains Denise Giardina

Set in Europe during the Second World War, Denise Giardina's Saints and Villains chronicles the life of a German theologian and Nazi resister who became somewhat of a secular saint. Read an excerpt from this riveting novel and an interview with its author.
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