leona rostenberg and madeleine stern   Bettina's Behind  
photo of leona and madeleine

  A couple of years ago we were televised by the BBC in our New York apartment. The technicians requested us to sit side by side on a love seat in our living room. As soon as the interviewing began, Miss Bettina noticed what was happening and promptly jumped into the love seat right between us. There she remained for most of the session, interrupting the performance only when she turned her rear end to the camera. Then everything had to stop until Madame was rearranged.... Some months later we received a fax from the BBC: "Just to inform you that Bettina is the TV rage in London."

Bettina must have read that fax, when Doubleday's photographers came to shoot us for the jacket of Old Books, Rare Friends, our dachshund did a repeat performance. No one can doubt that the highlight is a professional beauty queen with a triumphant smile.
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