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Black Dogs: an excerpt

preview: Enduring Love

  Ian McEwan's novels have earned him several awards and a reputation as one of England's greatest living writers. His riveting plots deliver unexpected twists and turns that send a chill down the spine, yet beneath the surface lies the psychological underpinnings that truly mark his work as exceptional.

In this issue of Bold Type, we are thrilled to offer a special sneak preview of McEwan's next novel, Enduring Love. This first chapter is brilliant enough to stand on its own merit as a short story, yet it is only the beginning of what promises to be one of next year's most talked-about novels. You'll also find a terrifying scene from an earlier novel, Black Dogs, which demonstrates the author's uncanny talent and Hitchcockian power. Both of these features are quite long, so we recommend that you print them out to read. Be forewarned: if you read them in late at night, you may have nightmares.

Photo of Ian McEwan copyright © Dudley Reed.

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