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jonathan carroll

lawrence thornton: Jake the Crusader

gary shiebler: A Search for a Perfect Dog

leona rostenberg and madeleine stern: Bettina's Behind

george constable: Where You Are

  In this just-for-the-hottest-part-of-the-summer section, Bold Type brings you authors' musings and ruminations on all things canine.

Cult-favorite Jonathan Carroll ponders the distinction between great dogs and nice dogs, and Lawrence Thornton tells us about his faithful warrior Jake. You'll also get a glimpse at Gary Shiebler's forthcoming A Search for the Perfect Dog, in which he describes the ideal dog of his youth, a bemusing anecdote from rare-book dealers and life-long friends Leona Rostenberg and Madeleine Stern, and an excerpt from George Constable's Where You Are, a kind of boy-meets-girl-meets-dog novel.

And as a special Bold Type exclusive, we have sneak peaks of forthcoming novels by Jonathan Carroll (Kissing the Beehive) and Lawrence Thorton (Tales from the Blue Archives).

Photo of Jonathan Carroll copyright © Bela Borsodi.

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