brad watson
photo of brad watson
  Born in Meridian, Mississippi at same hospital as Barry Hannah, I claim. Public schools, middling to weak performances--popular, foolish boy. Married as teen, went to Hollywood to become movie star, and became garbageman, among other things. Came home again, tended bar, went to junior college then college then graduate school (Meridian Junior College, Mississippi State University, University of Alabama), working through as shop carpenter, construction laborer, motel clerk, office boy. Worked on Mississippi political campaign and made way into journalism for a while on alabama Gulf Coast. Wrote ad copy, public relations. Taught literature and writing. A clover chain of half-hearted careers. Now teaching creative writing at Harvard. Live in Cambridge, Mass., with wife, Jeanine, and four-year-old-son, Owen. Older son Jason lives in Vicksburg, Missississippi.
ian mcewan
photo of ian mcewan
  Ian McEwan began writing in 1970 and has since won the Somerset Maugham Award, the Whitbread Novel of the Year Award, and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. The author of several novels, short story collections, screenplays, and plays, he lives in Oxford, England with his wife and four children. His next novel, Enduring Love, will be released in January.  
robert bingham
photo of robert bingham
  Name: Robert W. Bingham
Born: Louisville, Kentucky
Author of: Pure Slaughter Value
Resides: Two doors down from the Baby Doll on the corner of White and Church streets in New York City
Favorite Song: Summer Babe
Editor of: Open City
Hangs Out In: The Baby Doll, Phnom Penh, Spartina, Crete
Reading: From Pure Slaughter Value at the Chelsea Barnes and Noble
Tuesday, August 12. (Dog Days)
Graduated: Groton '84, Brown '88, Columbia MFA program '94
Keeps time by: graduation dates, summer
tom wolfe
photo of tom wolfe
  Tom Wolfe is the New York Times bestselling, critically acclaimed author of The Bonfire of the Vanities, The Right Stuff, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, and many other books and articles. A frequent contributor to Rolling Stone magazine, Wolfe has been called "the inventor of New Journalism--and possessor of the age's most distinctive prose style." Ambush at Fort Bragg is Wolfe's first major new work in over a decade.  
linda jaivin
photo of linda jaivin
  Linda Jaivin, a graduate of Brown University in Asian History, worked for many years as a specialist writer on Chinese contemporary culture and a translator before discovering sex. Her first novel, Eat Me, is a comic erotic romp which may or may not be autobiographical (only her greengrocer knows for sure). For her second novel, she threw drugs and rock n roll into the equation and came up with Rock n Roll Babes from Outer Space. She lives in Sydney, Australia.  
jonathan carroll
photo of jonathan carroll
  Jonathan Carroll's stories and novels have made him a cult-legend in the United States, while in Europe his popularity soars. Among the writers whom he can claim as fans are Stephen King, Pat Conroy, and James Ellroy. His next novel, Kissing the Beehive will be released this winter. He lives in Vienna with his family and two dogs.  
lawrence thornton
photo of lawrence thornton
  Lawrence Thornton received the 1987 Ernest Hemingway Foundation Award for his first novel, Imagining Argentina. His other published works of fiction include Under the Gypsy Moon, Naming the Spirits, and Ghost Woman. He can often be seen running around Claremont, California with his wife and dog.  
gary shiebler
photo of gary shiebler
  Born and raised in East Patchogue on eastern Long Island, author Gary Shiebler can't remember a time in his life when he wasn't stepping over, talking to, or longing to be with a dog. "There will always be one by my side," he says. He presently lives in Julian, California with his wife, daughter, three cats and three dogs. He is currently working on A Search for the Perfect Cat. "Last week, my golden retriever, Canyon, urinated on the corner of my desk." Gary discloses. "Obviously he is not pleased with the subject matter of my next book..."  
leona rostenberg and madeleine stern
photo of leona rostenberg and madeleine stern
  Leona Rostenberg and Madeleine Stern have been rare book dealers for over half a century. Rostenberg, a former president of the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America, has published five books on 17th-century printing and publishing in England, and Stern has written fourteen books, including biographies of Margaret Fuller and Louisa May Alcott. They have coauthored six books about books, including Old Books, Rare Friends. They reside in New York City with their dachschund Bettina, and summer in East Hampton.  
george constable
photo of george constable
  George Constable has written books on subjects ranging from prehistoric animals to the modern Olympic games. He and his wife live in Washington, D.C.  
    Photo Credits: Brad Watson: Rickey Yanaura; Ian McEwan: Jane Bown; Robert Bingham: Stephen MacGillivray; Tom Wolfe: Jacques Lowe; Jonathan Carroll: Bela Borsodi.