pant and sweat!

Larry's Lab Mix, Emma

by Maia Gemmill, Bold Type webstrix

As much as I adore my dog, there are times when I long for catness. For the sleek, lithe way that they ooze and slither in my arms, instead of my dog's stiff wriggliness. For their acrobatic grace and nonchalance, and the cunning way they stalk a fly through the house. For that mocking stare: "as if--I couldn't be bothered." For the soft, warm rumble of a cat purring itself to sleep on my stomach on a chilly night.

Maia's Yorkshire Terrier, Suleyman
  Dear Bold Type Reader,

Ah, the Dog Days of Summer. The sun, the surf: they conspire to make the office a most unappealing destination. The last thing you want to be doing right now is sitting at a desk, so why not blow off work? Print out a few short stories and essays, grab your dog, and head to your nearest body of water.

Few things go as well together as the summer sun, a fine canine, something cold to drink, and a good read. This issue of Bold Type offers you a myriad of great short stories, excerpts, sneak previews and essays for your summer reading pleasure. Brad Watson, recent winner of the American Academy of Arts and Letters' prize for first fiction, offers two short stories from Last Days of the Dog-Men, plus an exclusive new story you won't want to miss. His book is a favorite among our staff. Another book with a big buzz is Pure Slaughter Value by Rob Bingham. This bold and often shocking collection is just the thing to put a little sizzle in your beach reading. In this issue you'll find "Plus One," a great short story from the book, as well as a lascivious essay on what summer means to Mr. Bingham. Ian McEwan is a literary giant. In his Bold Type feature you'll find a harrowing tale of vicious canines, plus a special treat--the first chapter of his next novel, Enduring Love. This advance excerpt ran recently in the New Yorker (most people thought it was simply a fantastic short story and were thrilled to find out the story would continue) and photocopies of it began circulating not long after. Read it and you'll see why: it will take your breath away. A Bold Type audio exclusive: you can be the first to listen to Tom Wolfe's new audio-only novella, Ambush at Fort Bragg. Finally, check out our Dog Tales section for photos of authors with their dogs and some ruminations on man's best friend. You'll also find sneak previews of upcoming novels by cult favorite Jonathan Carroll and award-winning author Lawrence Thorton.

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Our theme for September is Nature, so bookmark Bold Type and stop again for some of today's most exciting writing.

Larry Weissman
Bold Type Editor