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issue six: dog days
pant and sweat!

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last days of the dog-men brad watson

Brad Watson's stories use dogs as the catalysts for human drama. His characters are strong, unsentimental types who end up in predicaments they are unable to extricate themselves from. Whether it's infidelity, violence, or the constant struggle between men and women, Watson's keen eye and crisp prose stunningly convey the beauty and savagery of the animal side of the human personality.
black dogs black dogs

Ian McEwan is a towering literary figure in Europe. His award-winning psychological dramas explore what happens when innocence is confronted by violence, and the results are always spine-tingling. In this issue of Bold Type we're featuring a harrowing confrontation from Black Dogs and a special sneak preview from McEwan's next novel, Enduring Love.
pure slaughter value los alamos

Rob Bingham writes sharp, edgy stories about the priviledged class. Pure Slaughter Value is a haunting debut, memorable for its dark humor and compelling, yet unsympathetic characters. It is a world where money provides an insulation against responsibility; where casual sex and an excess of drugs and alcohol create an environment where anything can, and does, happen.
dog tales authors dog tales
dog tales authors

Dog-lovers--this is for you. Five short doggy essays and excerpts, from avowed friends of canines. A Bold Type summer special!
ambush at fort bragg ambush at fort bragg

Here's an exclusive look at Tom Wolfe's critically acclaimed audio-only novella, Ambush at Fort Bragg.
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