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An Invisible Sign of My Own An Invisible Sign of My Own
In An Invisible Sign of My Own, Aimee Bender takes a beautifully warped look at love, death, and math. She is a truly gifted writer whose prose is elegantly experimental--daring, yet full of empathy and truth.
Tales from the Art Crypt Julius Knipl
In The Beauty Supply District, a new twenty-four-page story, Knipl attends an evening concert and unwittingly enters the world of wholesale empathizers and chiaroscuro brokers who make the decisions critical to the production of aesthetic pleasure in all its forms -- from the shape of an olive jar to the score of a string quartet.
The Circus Fire The Circus Fire
In The Circus Fire, Stewart O'Nan recounts the true horror of a 1944 circus fire that festered in a waterproof tent, leaving over one hundred fifty dead and the city of Hartford, Connecticut scarred for eternity. O'Nan takes accounts of survivors and witnesses and combines them with scrupulous research, creating a book that is rich with painful detail. From tales of heroism to horrific descriptions of wounds and death, O'Nan has compiled a book that is consuming and tragically unforgettable.
Normal Girl Normal Girl
Set against a backdrop of hedonistic New York society, Molly Jong-Fast's debut novel, Normal Girl, is the story of a young woman's struggles with addiction and recovery. Read an interview with the author and an excerpt from her book.
The Voice of the Poet The Voice of the Poet
James Merrill, widely considered the most gifted lyric poet of his generation, reveals his great talent for understated performance in these recordings from the Voice of the Poet series.
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