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Gale-Force Kayaking

Fall of the Phantom Lord: an excerpt


The Mark

  Andrew Todhunter followed world-class climber Dan Osman over a period of two years, seeking to understand why a man would leap off a bridge and fall hundreds of feet, repeatedly, with only a ten-millimeter-thick climbing rope to save him from certain death. At the same time, the impending birth of Todhunter's daughter caused him to reevaluate his own daredevil antics and confront the allure of risk in his life. A thrilling narrative of the actions of the self-contained sub-culture of rock-climbers, and their possessed brethren who leap off bridges to confront their fear, Fall of the Phantom Lord is also a graceful meditation on risk and responsibility. A compelling psychological study of those who pursue fear and face death in order to feel truly alive, it is simultaneously an honest, personal reflection on the author's own journey from adrenaline addict to responsible father.

In this issue of Bold Type you'll find an excerpt from Fall of the Phantom Lord, an interview with Andrew Todhunter, an essay on a man who sea kayaks in ocean storms, and an essay on the murder of a young woman in a quiet, affluent town in Marin County.

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