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Steal This Dream: an excerpt

  Abbie Hoffman was at the center of most of the political and social tumult of the sixties, as a participant, disciple, instigator, leader, and dissident. He helped fight for civil rights in the South, organized on behalf of the poor in New York City, was a leader of the Flower Power generation in Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, and was one of the most vocal and visible counterculture guerrillas in the fight against Vietnam.

Larry Sloman, aka "Ratso," now relates Abbie Hoffman's history through the voices of those who witnessed, from one point of view or another, the most famous episodes of Hoffman's life: from the chaos on Wall Street to the Pentagon "levitation" to the Democratic convention in Chicago. Sloman was Howard Stern's collaborator on two of the biggest successes in publishing history, Private Parts and Miss America. Now he has brought his sense of spectacle and his journalistic insight to a book that captures an extraordinary period in American history, and the complicated personality of the man who was at the center of it all.

In this issue of Bold Type, read a sample passage from Steal This Dream, about the disruption at the Democratic convention of 1968, and selected passages from the author's book notes.

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