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aimee bender
photo of aimee bender
  Aimee Bender grew up in Los Angeles, fled for ten years, and now, at 28, is back and living in West Hollywood. She has an MFA from UC Irvine, has published fiction in various journals, inluding Granta, Story, GQ, the Antioch Review, and currently is teaching creative writing to kids and adults all over Southern California.

The third daughter of a psychoanalyst and modern dance choreographer, Bender was raised on performances of dancers interacting with unusual props and interpretations of the girls at school and why they were mean. This background, she feels, has had a great influence on the metaphorical slant of her fiction.

She was the editor of UCI's literary journal Faultline for 97-98, and is currently taking a sculpture class and making very ineffective molds.
ron suskind
photo of ron suskind
  Ron Suskind is a staff writer for the Wall Street Journal. In 1995, he won the Pulitzer Prize in Feature Writing for a two-part series about the high-school years of Cedric Jennings. Suskind and his family live in Washington, D.C.  
andrew todhunter
photo of andrew todhunter
  Andrew Todhunter writes for numerous national magazines on subjects ranging from rock climbing to nautical archaeology, including an ongoing series of articles for The Atlantic Monthly. Born in Paris, raised in the United States, he worked as a laborer and spent six months in the ruins of Europe and Egypt before earning a degree in Ancient History at the University of California at Berkeley. A diver, sailor and amateur climber, Todhunter lives in the New York area with his wife and young daughter.  
duff brenna
photo of duff brenna
  Duff Brenna is the author of two novels: The Book of Mamie, which won the prestigious Associated Writing Programs Award; and The Holy Book of the Beard. A professor of English at California State University, San Marcos, he lives outside San Diego.  
larry sloman
photo of larry sloman
  Larry Sloman, aka "Ratso," was Howard Stern's collaborator on two of the fastest-selling books in publishing history, Private Parts and Miss America. Former executive editor of National Lampoon, he served as Editor in Chief of High Times, and wrote the award-winning book On the Road with Bob Dylan, and the bestselling book Thin Ice, an account of one season with the New York Rangers. He lives in New York City.  
walt whitman
photo of walt whitman
  By turns a man of broad vision and a shameless self-promoter, Walt Whitman is an ideal poet for the Internet. The first published edition of Leaves of Grass appeared in Brooklyn, New York in the week of July 4, 1855, and from there Whitman began to earn the accolade and acrimony from his readers that has made him, arguably, America's best-loved poet, the poet most "American" in his sensual love of landscapes, the poet most deeply moved by the horrors of America's Civil War. Whitman was guilty of marketing tactics that would make Matt Drudge clap his hands with glee: as a reporter, he used his contacts at three different newspapers to publish hyperbolic "reviews" of his work (all written by himself); he also took words of friendly praise from Ralph Waldo Emerson and stuck them on the spine of the second edition of Leaves of Grass, without Emerson's permission and much to the elder writer's chagrin. Still, Walter Whitman, "of Manhattan the son," stands in the minds of academics right next to Emily Dickinson as a nineteenth century American original, and in the minds of his admirers, as one of the top several reasons to read poetry in English.  
ben macintyre
photo of ben macintyre
  Ben Macintyre was born in 1963 and was educated at Cambridge. He is the author of Forgotten Fatherland and is the Paris bureau chief for The Times (London). He lives in Paris with his family.  
    Photo Credits: Aimee Bender: Jerry Bauer; Ron Suskind: E.G. Gallagher; Andrew Todhunter: Erin Todhunter; Duff Brenna: Erik Nilsen; Larry Sloman: National Lampoon; Ben Macintyre: Jerry Bauer.