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Too Cool: an excerpt

  For his first two novels, The Book of Mamie and The Holy Book of the Beard, Duff Brenna won national acclaim. Called "an American treasure" and "a formidable literary presence", Brenna has been compared to writers as diverse as Flannery O'Connor, Thomas Pynchon and Ken Kesey.

With Too Cool, Brenna has crafted another stunning novel, a razor-sharp tale of violent youth and first love. In perfectly pitched prose Brenna explores the conflicted emotions of Elbert Earl Evans ("Triple E"), a young man at war with his world. Scrapes with the law have landed Triple E in reform school, but little reforming goes on there, just confusion and more violence, until Triple E makes the only choice he can: he steals his teacher's Buick, finds his girlfriend Jeanne and starts his run for freedom. But when the car becomes stuck in a deep snow drift, Triple E faces obstacles he never dreamed of--bitter cold, starvation, and the possibility of losing Jeanne in the desolate and unforgiving winter of rural Colorado.

In this issue of Bold Type, we feature an excerpt from Too Cool and an exclusive author notebook by Duff Brenna.

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