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the girl in the flammable skirt aimee bender

Aimee Bender's collection of short stories is without a doubt one of this year's most exciting debuts. Full of wit, audacity, and masterful metaphor, her glorious modern fairy tales are the perfect antidote to pre-millennial malaise. Raucous and inimitable, the stories in The Girl in the Flammable Skirt are an utter delight.
a hope in the unseen ron suskind

In A Hope in the Unseen, Wall Street Journal writer Ron Suskind expands on his Pulitzer Prize-winning series about one young man's struggles to escape the poverty and despair of inner-city Washington, D.C. through academic achievement. Cedric's journey, keenly portrayed by Suskind, is poignant and uplifting.
fall of the phantom lord andrew todhunter

Atlantic Monthly contributor Andrew Todhunter spent two years chronicling world-class climber Dan Osman and his coterie of friends. Embracing his fear of falling while climbing, Osman decided to fall on purpose, from greater and greater heights. A fascinating exploration of risk, fear, and responsibility, Fall of the Phantom Lord combines the white-knuckled rush of man-versus-nature narratives with an equally compelling psychological adventure.
mercy road duff brenna

A thrilling portrait of antisocial youth on a joy ride from hell, Duff Brenna's Too Cool goes beyond the usual cliched tales of adolescent self-destruction. Beautifully written and searingly honest, Too Cool is an exuberant story of young lives pushed to their limits.
steal this dream larry sloman

Steal This Dream is a captivating oral history of Abbie Hoffman and the sixties, as told by more than two hundred of those who demonstrated, protested, and lived through those tumultuous years. Narrated by the people Abbie worked with, for, and against--from Tom Hayden and Jerry Rubin to Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary--Steal This Dream is the finest social history of the sixties yet written.
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