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  Los Alamos, by Joseph Kanon, seamlessly reconciles fact and fiction as it transports the reader back to the waning days of World War II to solve the murder of one of the Manhattan Project's security officers. Kanon authentically recreates the mysterious world of Los Alamos, a town that officially didn't exist and was perhaps the greatest secret in American history. Real characters such as Robert Oppenheimer and General Leslie Grove vividly come to life alongside fictional characters in this finely wrought tale of intrigue. Unlike most mysteries, Kanon doesn't rely on a formulaic plot. The novel's success, like that of The Alienist, is due to the author's masterful evocation of time and place. And yet, Los Alamos will keep you up through the night, like all of the best thrillers, until you find out who the murderer is.

Joe Kanon contributes an essay, "Imagining the Icon," on the process of fictionalizing historical figures. You will also find an interview with the author by Jesse Kornbluth, as well as an excerpt from Los Alamos in this issue.

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