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  Icons are not always people we admire--sometimes they are those we fear or despise or loathe. In his new novel, Gary Indiana turns his razor wit on Americans' fascination with criminals who become celebrities by virtue of their criminality. Along the way, he cuts into just about every aspect of the sycophantic and shallow culture of stardom in Southern California. Loosely based on a mish-mash blend of the Menendez brothers' trial, the O.J. Simpson trial, and other almost recognizable events and people, Resentment is a sardonically funny book that will leave you gasping for breath.

In this month's Bold Type, Gary shares with us his experiences with South Asian serial killer Charles Sobhraj in a thoughtful essay ruminating on the phenomenon of criminal superstar-celebrities. You'll also find an excerpt from Resentment and a revealing author notebook and photo collage.

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