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author essay: A Promise and a Problem

author notebook: Obsession, the Purest Motivation

John Wayne: A Novel: an excerpt

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  That John Wayne's immense popularity continues to endure unabated eighteen years after his death may seem surprising, but Dan Barden has a compelling explanation. Wayne, he argues, embodies all of the great promise and tremendous failures of America. For Barden, the Duke also represented everything he loved and hated about his father. John Wayne: A Novel, uses this legendary icon as the prism through which the reader views the dissolution of a family, and of the American dream itself. Barden spins his tale in graceful prose, engagingly blurring the line between fact and fiction. Far more than simply a book about celebrity, John Wayne: A Novel provides insight into the role icons play in all of our lives, and how we use them to look at ourselves.

In this issue of Bold Type, you'll find an essay by the author on John Wayne's legacy, an author notebook, and an excerpt from John Wayne: A Novel, in which Henry Fonda pays a visit to an dying Duke.

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