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john wayne: a novel dan barden

Dan Barden's first novel resides in an unusual intersection of fact and fiction, where the extraordinary meets the trivial. John Wayne, an American icon of mythical proportions, loomed large for the Barden family, and as he drifted in and out of their lives. Much more than a just a book about a legend, John Wayne: A Novel is a thoughtful meditation on life.
resentment resentment

Gary Indiana's fourth novel, Resentment, is a scathing and satyric romp through the celebrity culture of modern America. No deserving target is left untouched, and the results are hilarious.
los alamos los alamos

A murder near the top-secret Manhattan Project base in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where scientists are racing to produce the first atomic bomb sets this compelling novel in motion. Interweaving fact and fiction, while authentically creating a world that did not officially exist and a convincing portrait of the men who forever changed the course of history, Los Alamos is one of the summer's most gripping reads.
louis armstrong louis armstrong

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, one of the founding fathers of jazz and the inventor of scat singing, remains one of the most influential musicians of this century. A Pied Piper of American music, his infectious smile and trademark gravelly-voice are instantly recognized around the world. In Louis Armstrong: An Extravagant Life, biographer Laurence Bergreen reveals the man behind the legend--an engaging look at a true American original.
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