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While most twenty-one year olds were just graduating college, learning how their first boss' took their coffee, and trying to explain to their parents why they still should get an allowance (studies show it's best to wean your children slowly) Israeli-born, Dorit Rabinyan, published her first novel, Persian Brides, to international critical acclaim winning the Jewish Quarterly Wingate Literary Award in 1999. After Persian Brides was translated in ten different languages Dorit Rabinyan quickly became an international literary star and was heralded as one of the most promising and original young novelists writing in Israel today.

Wait, there's even more, as she is not only a novelist, but a writer of all trades who has produced an award winning play, written film reviews, and has also written an original series for television in her native land. Now three years later after her first book, her second novel, Strand of a Thousand Pearls, has just been published in the States.

With this poetic and enchanting tale of the Azizyan family, Rabinyan has proven that she is a writer here to stay. With a strong lyrical voice, Rabinyan spins stories of love and romance as we follow the dreams and lives of the mother, and her four daughters throughout this beautiful book.

In an interview with the author, we asked her whether any of her colorful female characters were modeled after herself and her response (even her answers to interview questions were dreamy and well spoken), "...These women are reflections, and are possible versions of whom I might be. I think the need to write down their stories came from a need to tell myself who I could be if I had been in their shoes, or who I am in spite and because of what they did. I use them as a mirror. And they use the books as their own mirrors, so it's good for all of us."

We are thrilled to have the chance to introduce this amazing talent to those who might not be familiar with her work already, and we at Bold Type are convinced that hers is name that we'll be hearing a lot of in the future. Read about where she draws her inspiration from, her views on her early success, and her thoughts on women in American culture in our interview. We are also pleased to share with you a fascinating personal essay she wrote ("Young, Troubled and Lost in the Promised Land" which was previously published in the British Sunday Times) about living in a land filled with heartbreak and political turmoil where a person wonders if the person sitting next to them on the bus could have a bomb in their backpack.

So for any of you who are still in your twenties (or late bloomers in their thirties!) and have simple career goals (like at least making your age in salary) should draw inspiration from this multi-talented author who proves that age has nothing to do with it.

Jenny Lee

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