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Marty Asher   In The Boomer, Marty Asher captures the joys and sorrows of growing up a baby boomer. In just a few sentences per page, Asher presents us with a series of snapshots revealing the life experiences of an all-American boomer. Travel along with the nameless main character as he discovers the triumphs and disappointments of life-from childhood, to adulthood, to fatherhood-and as he discovers that amongst the fury and disaster there are, at least, intermittent moments of happiness.  
Lauren Slater   In Lying, A Metaphorical Memoir, Lauren Slater opens with a Chapter One of two words: "I exaggerate." In this blend of truth and fiction, the way it was is less revealed than the way it might have been but surely felt. Slater employs disease as an alias and emotional memory a springboard for revelation and fantasy.  
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