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The Colony of Unrequited Dreams Wayne Johnston

The Colony of Unrequited Dreams is a grand, sweeping drama that calls to mind the best of Robertson Davies and John Irving. Wayne Johnston has written a rich and complex novel that is as absorbing as literature can get and establishes him as a major addition to the great canon of this continent's literature.
The Elusive Embrace Daniel Mendelsohn

What defines us? The place we live? The words we use to describe ourselves? The people we love? Such questions of identity are at the heart of Daniel Mendelsohn's new book The Elusive Embrace.
In the Drink Kate Christensen

Kate Christensen's delightful debut, In the Drink, follows a young woman on her often funny, always tumultuous journey through Manhattan. From her thankless days as a ghost writer to her hazy nights as a barfly, Claudia Steiner fumbles her way through life, unwittingly triumphing in the process.
The Wonders of the Invisible World David Gates

The first collection of stories from Pulitzer Prize finalist David Gates has already earned praise for its compassion and vision. Gates offers a story and a personal interview in this issue of Bold Type.
Haunted Traveller Barry Yourgrau

Barry Yourgrau, the sultan of surrealist fiction, is back with a dazzling new book, Haunted Traveller. In the forty-four related stories our intrepid narrator wanders the globe, enduring endless tribulations, in a strange journey that speaks to the restless traveler in all of us. Bold Type is thrilled to present three audio performances and two stories from his new book.
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