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freedomland richard price

If you read just one book this summer, it has to be Freedomland by Richard Price. A gripping page-turner that hits the reader viscerally, it has the scope and insight of a 19th century classic. Price sets his sights high, seeking to expose society's maladies and racial divide without glossing over life's inherent moral complexities, and the result is this year's biggest, baddest, most important novel.
bitch elizabeth wurtzel

Elizabeth Wurtzel has been pushing people's buttons and arousing controversy since she won the Rolling Stone College Journalism Award for Essay Writing while a student at Harvard. Whether one agrees or disagrees with her, she always makes people think. Her new book, about difficult women past and present, already has people arguing.
the comedy writer peter farrelly

Peter Farrelly's The Comedy Writer is a novel about Hollywood in the venerable tradition that stretches back to the classics of Nathanael West and Budd Schulberg. Peter Farrelly--who earned his Hollywood stripes as the co-writer/director of the films Kingpin and Dumb and Dumber-- offers a scathing, at times surreal, glimpse into that modern Sodom of movie wannabes: Los Angeles.
summer sisters judy blume

Judy Blume is an American icon: her twenty-one books have guided an entire generation through the painful period of adolescence. With the release of Summer Sisters, her third adult novel, we finally had an excuse to ask Judy about her role as guardian angel to thousands of confused teens, her battle against censorship, and much more.
name the baby mark cirino

Mark Cirino's first novel, Name the Baby, is the hilarious, heartbreaking rant of a young man whose girlfriend has just committed suicide in their New York City apartment. Full of haunting surprises, unexpected warmth, and brutal honesty, it is a raucous, soulful tale about the mysteries of life and love.
the second suspect heather lewis

The tension in this masterful noir begins with the murder of a prostitute in a posh Manhattan hotel room and doesn't let up until the novel's shattering conclusion. Everyone is a suspect in this deeply satisfying thriller that pits husband against wife and one renegade detective against an entrenched network of powerful men, old money, and the backroom politics of the NYPD.
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