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  If you keep off the beaten track, India will be cheaper and more interesting.

November to April are the best times to travel, but if you're travelling in the North, like Rajasthan, Agra, or Delhi, be prepared for forty degree drops in temperature between day and night. And remember: palaces don't have central heating.

Travel light, you'll be doing a lot of shopping.

Eat cooked vegetarian food and if "in trouble," eat lots of yogurt and don't get dehydrated.

You can't wear shoes inside a mosque or a temple, so carry of pair of thick socks so that you don't have to wear rented socks.

Read a little about where you're going, India is already overwhelming enough.

Do your Indian friends a favor, stop complaining.

Finally, India is not a good country to be a control freak. Always reconfirm onward flights and always stay flexible.

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