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eiger dreams and into the wild eiger dreams and into the wild

From a touching portrayal of idealism gone awry in Into the Wild to Into Thin Air, his riveting narrative of adventure and disaster on the peak of the world's highest mountain, Jon Krakauer has demonstrated his skill as one of today's most exciting storytellers.
snakes and ladders snakes and ladders

Perhaps it is a cliché to say that India is a land of many contradictions; nevertheless, it is true. In her new book Snakes and Ladders, Gita Mehta celebrates the 50th anniversary of India's independence, and attempts to illuminate some of these contradictions.
after hannibal after hannibal

Barry Unsworth is a writer with a remarkable sense of place and time. His last novel, Morality Play, tells the tale of a troupe of medieval players, who embroil themselves in a murder mystery. His most recent work, After Hannibal, so vividly evokes the Italian countryside that Umbria is almost character itself.
the dancer upstairs the dancer upstairs

A literary thriller of the highest order, The Dancer Upstairs firmly establishes Nicholas Shakespeare as an heir to Graham Greene. While creating fully drawn characters and disecting a Latin American country in political disarray, the tension builds as the manhunt for the infamous terrorist leader races towards it's heart-pounding climax.
the lifeguard the lifeguard

Mary Morris possesses a gift for travel fiction, and her tremendous eye for the telling details in life has never been sharper then in her new collection of stories, The Lifeguard. She skillfully draw characters who are at some turning point in their lives, and captures those moments where revelation magnificently appears.
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